No doubt you spent months, if not years, strategizing, writing, rewriting, and editing your content. You want to make sure your written word is presented to your audience beautifully formatted with attention to detail, down to the smallest detail—every line break and hyphenation considered. Not only is this important for your book’s cover, but equally important for your book’s interior pages. At Mayfly Design we offer professional book formatting and book typesetting services that give your book the professional appearance your readers expect, taking care from page-to-page and line-by-line to quality check for optimal flow and engagement of your content for your audience.

Our Book Formatting and Typesetting Services

At Mayfly Design, we provide professional book formatting and typesetting services. This includes the full book layout and production of interior pages using the final, approved page design. Includes placement of all images and graphics provided by the client, and the creation of basic charts, tables, and other figures. All projects include time for text corrections and multiple rounds of review. The final product is an error-free PDF ready for any printer or print-on-demand partner.

Our Book Formatting and Typesetting Process

With your established page design completed, it's now time to go through your manuscript page-by-page and format your book, transforming your manuscript into what will ultimately be your finished book pages. We will perform some of our standard clean-up tasks, point out any inconsistencies we might find along the way, and will provide a series of page proofs in PDF format for you to review online and mark up any edits you might find during the author review process. It's the small details that become paramount for us here at Mayfly Design as your book typesetter. With our print book and eBook formatting services, your reader will recognize the care and quality you have put into transforming your written word into something remarkable that will make an impact with your audience.

Customer Reviews

As a first-time author, I found Mayfly Design to be the perfect partner for designing my book and preparing it for publishing. They took the time to understand exactly what services I required and provided a clear and detailed work proposal, then led me through the Mayfly process, which was reliable, complete, and collaborative. By executing the process step-by-step, Mayfly Design gave me complete confidence that every single detail was being managed correctly. The service was superbly professional and top-notch in every way, and my project was completed on time and within budget. I could not be more delighted with the final result!

—Elizabeth Parker, author of An Introduction to The Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith

I highly recommend Mayfly Design. Ryan was professional, timely, efficient, and very creative. Ryan helped in many aspects of completing the book, including the book cover design, formatting the contents within the book, and completing the registration process. I am very grateful for his expertise. I know that I will hire him again and again as the need arises.

—Jeanine Heath-McGlinn, co-author of Loving the Hell Out of Ourselves (and Others)

Contact Us for Custom Formatting and Typesetting Services

For more information about the book typesetting and book formatting services we offer at Mayfly Design, call us today at 612.801.4533 or send an email to If you’re ready to get started, request a quote for your project.