The interior page design of your book is one of the most important steps in the book design process. Yes, covers attract readers and should be attention-grabbing. However, the interior of your book should simply be enjoyed if it's done well. The interior should be designed with the reader in mind ensuring an easy, enjoyable, and accessible experience. For every project, we develop a custom interior page design based on the content and reader in mind. We call this the Reader’s Experience, ensuring your content is seamless and enjoyable to consume. At Mayfly Design, we offer complete book interior layout design services that ensures your book has a beautiful presentation for your readers.

Our Book Interior Page Design Services

The small and passionate design team at Mayfly Design specialize in book covers and book interiors, for print and digital formats (it's all we do!). Book interior designers help you develop an enjoyable memorable experience for your reader, enabling them to engage with your content with a professional and attention-grabbing book design. We do this by creating a custom, high-end book page design and layout for your interior pages and then typeset the entire book following that page design established especially for your book.

Our Book Interior Page Design Process

Book interior page design includes a custom design for your unique book project, identifying typography, page flow, and visual components that need our design touch. Whether black and white or full color, your page design utilizes the final, edited, and proofread Microsoft Word manuscript and all visual documents you provide for us.

You will be provided a collection of thoughtfully-curated pages for your page design samples, including the title page, copyright page, table of contents, dedication, and acknowledgments, plus a sampling of any images you wish to include. These pages are for you to print at home to review the fonts and text sizes suggested for the body text, the various headings and subheadings, chapter pages, as well as any unique textual and visual elements you might have in your book (think tables, pull quotes, and excerpts.) Your final page design will serve as the design guide or blue print for the overall look and aesthetics of the books interior as we move to the next step of typesetting and formatting your book.

Our team will work with you along our process to provide a fully-customized book interior page design (no pre-selected templates) with attention to all the details needed to bring your book to life and ensure the best Reader's Experience for your audience.

Customer Reviews

Ryan masterfully wove a beautiful tapestry of 25 military badges, 30 bravery/service medals, and 279 photographs, into 332 pages of manuscript. The outstanding result is my new book titled: “Duty First (A Trilogy of Wars),” which I believe has taken graphic design to the next level of excellence. As a result I strongly recommend “Mayfly Design” to our next generation of authors.

—Dr. Philip (Tom) Cobley, Duty First

I could not have been more pleased with the professionalism of Mayfly Design. Ryan was terrific to work with, the communication was outstanding, and he finished the project- which had a relatively short window- right on time. The book looks great! I would highly recommend Mayfly Design and look forward to working with them again.

—Julie Pfitzinger, Paris Morning Publications

Contact Us for Custom Book Interior Design Services

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